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Civic Hub

Our goal is to build a civil society based on the principles of democracy and people’s power, with transparent functioning of state institutions.

On 24.02.2022, we were forced to stop our civilian projects and refocus our efforts on humanitarian issues and assistance to the military.




Volunteer kitchens in Kyiv and Odesa

As of the beginning of September 2022, we have prepared and delivered to people more than 150 thousand servings of hot meals for the military, civilians, and hospitals. We collected and gave 15 thousand dry rations to the front.

Assistance to military medics and hospitals

We buy medical equipment for military hospitals. We deliver humanitarian aid and medicines for field hospitals to the front.

Help for the military

We supply the military with special equipment, including thermal imagers, night vision sights, body armor, quadcopters, thermal underwear, socks, uniforms, hygiene products, and individual first aid kits.

Defensive structures and fortifications

We create and supply defensive structures to military and civilian administrations to replace outdated protective fortifications that now protect our roads from the enemy.

How to join the Hub projects

Financial assistance

The Civic Hub has recently launched several large-scale projects that constantly need financial assistance. We will be grateful for every hryvnia.

Help with food

The Civic Hub has volunteer kitchens in Kyiv and Odesa permanently. In addition, the production of dry rations is constantly in need of food. We will be grateful for any help supplying cereals, meat, vegetables, and canned food.

Volunteer support

Volunteers of the Civic Hub deliver humanitarian aid to needy people throughout the government-controlled territory of Ukraine. We also provide humanitarian goods to the military on the front line. Such activities constantly need transport and volunteers on the ground. We will be grateful for any participation.


All humanitarian activities of the Hub involve partnerships with local communities, NGOs, and volunteers. We will be grateful for your cooperation.