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The “Yellow Bus” project has been consistently supported since 2016

The Yellow Bus project has been consistently supported since 2016.

A team of ten film masters conducts film camps, master classes, and media literacy courses. Children from the war zone are taught to write scripts and shoot movies on professional equipment with the help of the best cinematographers in Ukraine.

Children of the home front

In 2017, 850 children were sent to rest in summer and winter. All these are children of the military who died in the ATO zone.
підтримка військових шпиталів

Since 2018, work on judicial reform has begun

An expert group has been established to monitor and analyze judicial reform.

Lawyers, leading experts in the field of law, scholars, and business representatives have conducted a significant amount of scientific and applied work on the implementation of digital justice in Ukraine and the expansion of the use of artificial intelligence in courts and law enforcement agencies (in terms of bringing to administrative charges).

Systematic support of military hospitals

On July 17, 2014, during one of their first visits to the front line, to military hospitals, the founders of the Civil Hub came under enemy shelling, which killed thirty people and wounded one hundred and seventeen. This terrible tragedy became the impetus for the beginning of systematic support of military hospitals with necessary medicines, food, and special equipment.

During this time, the necessary equipment was purchased for the Central Military Hospital, which helped save our soldiers’ many lives.

A lot of humanitarian aid and medicines for field hospitals in the east of our country were delivered to the front.

The book published: “Principles of organization and algorithms of specialized neurosurgical care for gunshot craniocerebral injuries in modern warfare” for our brave surgeons. They operate on the front line, often in inhuman conditions. The book has already been distributed to military hospitals.

 волонтерські кухні

Humanitarian aid

We supported volunteer kitchens in Kyiv and Odesa, which are still working and have already prepared and delivered more than 150 thousand hot meals for the military, civilians, and hospitals. It was collected and delivered to the front 15 thousand dry rations.
3D принтери

Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

We delivered 201 thermal imagers, four night vision sights, five quadcopters, thermal underwear, socks, uniforms, body armor, medicines for hospitals, and individual first aid kits for soldiers to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
споруда для укріплення

Defensive structures for fortification

One hundred twenty gabions were delivered to fortify block posts and firing positions.

Such defensive structures are vital to replacing the outdated defensive fortifications that now protect our roads from the enemy.

According to the test results, the strength and safety of the product were confirmed during the shelling:

automatic weapons, large-caliber machine guns, grenade launchers, and anti-tank rifles.

Only after hitting a shell fired from a tank the defensive structure for checkpoints was destroyed.

подяка Андрію Засусі, за вагомий внесок

Development of domestic strike UAVs is supported

The production of Ukrainian, reliable UAVs is being started, which will take into account and correct all the shortcomings of foreign analogs, consider all the operators’ recommendations, and significantly increase the flight distance and time in the air.
Консерви та сухпайки

Canned food and dry rations for military and civilian internally displaced persons

A canned food production plant is being built to help provide food for military and civilian internally displaced persons.

How to join the Hub projects

Financial assistance

The Civic Hub has recently launched several large-scale projects that constantly need financial assistance. We will be grateful for every hryvnia.

Help with food

The Civic Hub has volunteer kitchens in Kyiv and Odesa permanently. In addition, the production of dry rations is constantly in need of food. We will be grateful for any help supplying cereals, meat, vegetables, and canned food.

Volunteer support

Volunteers of the Civic Hub deliver humanitarian aid to needy people throughout the government-controlled territory of Ukraine. We also provide humanitarian goods to the military on the front line. Such activities constantly need transport and volunteers on the ground. We will be grateful for any participation.


The Civic Hub initiated and promoted the initiative “Kick Russia out of the UN.” We constantly need the help of the media and international foundations in publicizing the problem of Russia’s illegal membership in the UN. All humanitarian activities of the Hub involve partnerships with local communities, NGOs, and volunteers. We will be grateful for your cooperation.